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Autumn Bouquet Workshop

I have such a hard time selecting and culling photos, so here is a rather large selection of images from our full day bouquet and photography intensive last monday.

Due to a cancellation, it ended up being a 1:1, rather than a workshop, with just Beth from twig studio and myself, which made for a super relaxed and intimate day.

We started the day with a cup of tea and a long chat about all things flowers and gardens. In fact we chatted for so long that in the end we ran out of time... I know to watch the time more closely next time!

We shot at two locations: down at one of our dams (just in time before the rains came and turned all the lovely cracked soil into mud!), where we also erected a quick foliage pillar with some flower clusters at the base. I say we, but this was mostly done by lovely Beth, while I ran off to start shooting at our second location, the forest.

When I returned with our model, Emma, the place was just magical, awash with golden light, filtered by the large gumtrees at the back of the dam.

It all came together so beautifully and I can't wait to do it again.

A big thank you to every one involved:

first and last bouquet by me

second bouquet by twig studio

Hair and Make up by Gemma Vendetta

Model: Emma Jarvis

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