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residencies at our farm.

for florists and other artists


We offer short term stays (minimum is one week, maximum four weeks) for anyone who would like to share our lifestyle, reconnect to nature, learn a new skill and practice their art. Life on the farm is simple, sometimes abundant, sometimes austere, always crazy and busy. We live in harmony with the seasons, and the flowers we grow as well as the projects we do reflect that. Best times to visist are September - November and March - May.

Accomodation is currently in a spacious canvas bell tent with your own fridge and tea and coffee making facilities. BYO breakfast and lunch provisions. Evening meals are shared with us. We eat simply, vegetable, meat and grain based. Toilet and shower are located in our home.

Some flowers are included for your daily practice.

You can trade money or labour for your stay. The fee is $450 per week, or 3-4 hours of farm work per day. For the remainder of the day (if you choose to work rather than pay) you are free to practice your art, go for walks (the Heysen and Kidman trails are near our property), or just sit and drink tee while enjoying the scenery.

If you'd like, you can also work on different projects with us in your free time to learn new skills.

Current projects on the horizon include the building of a woodfired kiln to fire ceramics, digging of wild clay on our property (to turn into pots), plant dyeing silks, building of a toilet and shower for residents (mud brick or rammed earth), natural tanning of kangaroo hides.


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