the flowers

We grow a huge amount of different flowers over the course of a year. Basically everything we can get our hands on and that is remotely suitable to the Adelaide Hills climate. Our farm resembles a giant messy overgrown garden more than a commercial flower farm. You won't find many neat varietal rows, everything is slightly wonky and hotchpotch. But we love it this way. And the bees love it too!

Anna is our head flowersmith and she embraces this wonkyness in her floral design as well, not forcing the elements into our way of thinking and creative process. Floral art for her is a conversation between the botanicals and the human hand. She loves to work with wild elements and wayward stems, embracing imperfections to create truly unique pieces of art.

Our flowers are grown organically, with the help of natural composts, seaweed, worm juice, and other organic fertilisers. The majority of our crops are also field grown – there are no grow lights or heating. 

We are able to arrange personal and table flowers or botanical installations for you, if you are planning a seasonally inspired wedding or event. During the main growing season you are also able to purchase buckets of blooms if you wish to create your own wedding decorations.

On most weekends of the year, you are able to purchase our farm fresh flowers at the Mount Barker Farmer's Market or the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmer's Market.

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We work exclusively with seasonal, locally grown or (responsibly) foraged botanicals.

We are fortunate enough to live in a relatively mild climate where we can grow flowers year round. We strongly believe that every season has it's highlights, and that what grows together at the same time of year looks most beautiful together in a vase.

We don't make any promises regarding specific types of flowers and foliages, but prefer to work to a broader guideline of an aesthetic you would like to create.

We are not the right florist for you, if you are set on specific flower types, or prefer a style of floristry that is different to ours. Phalaenopsis and reflexed roses is not what we do.

Please note that we do not currently take bookings for larger weddings. If you are planning an elopement, or require personal flowers only, please feel free to get in touch about 4-8 weeks before your wedding date.



All our flowers are grown without the input of synthetic fertiliser, we use organic weedkiller (on an essential oil base) and bugs to control pests. Our flowers come wrapped in paper and are fully compostable at the end of their life due to the zero pesticide residue (we are happy to take them back after your wedding, if you're not keeping them). You won't see floral foam in any of our wedding designs, and we reduce the use of cable ties for installations to an absolute minimum. In most cases we will use jute string and chicken wire to secure our flowers on a base structure (like an arbour). The Wedding industry as a whole is hugely wasteful and we try to minimise our footprint wherever we can. If you have any concerns please talk to us.

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