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the farm

Our farm sits on a hundred acres nestled in the rolling Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Located between Meadows and Echunga, this beautiful piece of land is home to our family (Anna, Geoff and Juniper), five acres of cut flower gardens (including 5 poly tunnels), a small nursery, pasture for our sheep, and a growing area of revegetated native bushland.

The original custodians of this land are the Peramangk people and we acknowledge their traditional sovereignty over the lands and waters on which we live and work. Our footsteps follow their ancestors’ footsteps. We pledge to walk respectfully side by side with their descendants.


Organic farming for us is not only about the end product. It’s also about how we treat the land and the people working on the land. It’s making sure we don’t deplete the soil, and instead we support and build up soil microbiology to ensure a thriving ecosystem. It’s about everything else we do on this piece of land we were given. It’s about community. We invite you to be a part of this community and thank you for supporting us, so that we can keep growing the best flowers and vegetables we possibly can.

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